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We are a highly-motivated and an all-encompassing Production House in Lebanon and Dubai that strives to provide all the passionate, professional and motivated filmmakers with the latest and top-notch of Filming Equipment Rental in UAE as well as Filming Studio Rental in Lebanon.

As we are a driven and well-equipped Production House in Dubai and recently
one of the leading Production Houses in Lebanon, our name grew big and so did
our goals.

High End Films is considered to be more than a typical Production House in Dubai, for we are the all-encompassing entity that helps in creating literally top-notch productions, in the Gulf area and in Lebanon.

All throughout eight years, High End Films has proven to be an outstanding and reputable Film Rental House in Dubai and Television Rental House in Dubai and lately creating the equally-special productions using an infinitely practical, advanced and professional set of equipment and services, such as Cinema Cameras Renting in Dubai, Lenses and Accessories in Lebanon, Production House Rental Services, Documentary Filmmakers Rental Services, Lighting Accessories Renting in UAE, Vehicles Rental in UAE, Vehicles Rental in Lebanon, Generators Renting in Dubai and so much more.

If you have high-end expectations from the Production House Rental in Dubai and in Lebanon, your choice is all clear and bold right here.

You might have already missed out on lots of priceless shots in your life, just make certain that you do not waste more of your time and miss out on more so contact us today if you need to know more about services and we are here to help you.
Let’s capture your best memory with us!