5 Ways To Motivate Your Team in your Production House

5 Ways To Motivate Your Team in your Production House

Working in a production house or film rental house in Beirut entails a big responsibility – actually, every production houses know that. Each team member works efficiently, and not to mention, as fast as possible because they are working with not just one client.

Moreover, your team must feel motivated, encouraged, and comfortable working in your workspace. Why? So they will also work productively. This is also how we do it in our own production house in Lebanon, each of the members of our team at Highend Films makes sure that they are doing whatever they can to serve our clients well, and as a whole, we ensure that our workplace is stress-free, and encourage and help each other to feel more comfortable with one another.

Furthermore, we have listed some tips on how you can inspire and motivate your team to have a stress-free workspace, with a team that is hardworking and has a good relationship with everyone.

No matter how small or big your team is, you can apply these tips:

  • Give out specific roles and expectations with each of them.

As a production house, all of you must have distinctive roles that may differ from one another. You should also ask them if they can do the job or if they are comfortable with the role you gave them, and if they are not, this might become a problem or this can cause them to slack off.

Giving them the role or the task that they are most comfortable with, or good at can be a start to having an effectual team.

  • Communicate with them clearly and understandably.

Of course, you need to be quiet when the director shouts, “Action!” but what we mean is, communication is a vital road to success – being able to understand each other is the key to doing the job well. Openly communicate with one another, never be afraid to ask questions or suggestions, and tell them what each of the team should be doing.

Ithis way, everyone will know what is going in, what they must do, and what is needed to keep the set rolling or to improve the tasks of each.

  • Know each of your members well.

As a team, you should consider each other as a family, and as a leader of the company, you must keenly know each of them – like their weaknesses and their strengths. You must know how to keep them interested in their jobs, you must spend time with them during break time, or even conduct team buildings, just to see how they are when they are not inside your office or if they are not working.

A little bit of casualty in interacting with your team members might help – just to let them know that you, too, are comfortable with them.

  • Celebrate with them when you’ve done a good project.

Who doesn’t love celebrations? If you are doing a major project that can take too long finish, and in the end, if the client likes what you did, isn’t that a perfect time for celebration? Celebrations can also be a way for you to congratulate your team and tell them that they have done a pretty good job.

In this way, they will be able to feel that you are commending them, and their efforts are paying off because you can notice how hard each of them works. Celebrating will make them feel good about themselves and the whole team, as well.

  • Be a good leader.

As a leader, you must set a good example to them through simple ways; like, not being late, finishing tasks on time, talking with your members with respect, and all the right ways on how your members can say, “I want to be like my boss.”

We’re not saying you should be perfect – no one is anyway – but for your team, you must be able to guide them to the right path, because with them being in your team is like a stepping stone for them in reaching their dreams.

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