Achieve Superior Image Quality With High-End Film’s Latest Equipment, the ALEXA LF

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Achieve Superior Image Quality With High-End Film’s Latest Equipment, the ALEXA LF

At the present, there are a lot of advancements in the multimedia and production industry. Several cameras, tripods, software, and other latest equipment can now be seen in the market – each representing a high-quality feature that is exceptional and unbeatable.

And it’s inevitable to purchase all these products at a high-cost because the quality is superb. It may be worth it but for some starting multimedia companies or freelancers, this can be a trouble. At High-End Films, we try to solve this kind of problem that others have. We are one of the most reputable film rental house in Dubai that give rental services of first-rate and latest equipment like cameras, lenses, filters, grips and accessories, lighting accessories, monitors, tripods, and many more!

We also offer studio rental, film and, TV equipment, film crew, as well as the location permission. We are known for giving services like TV Channels rental services, online content, artists’ rental services, documentary filmmakers and other production needs.

Because of all these aforementioned services, we have already gained a position in the market in being the of the most trusted production houses in Lebanon and Dubai. Our satisfied clients can attest to all the reliable equipment and services that we offer. With our help, their production was made with utmost precision and professionalism resulting in superior aesthetic quality.

In addition to our list of high-quality rental equipment, the recently launched Alexa LF can now also be leased from High-End Films!

Alexa LF is the newest full-frame camera from ARRI. It is actually among the best camera which allows filmmakers to record and take photos of large format without distorting the overall image quality and colorimetry of the photo or video.

In fact, it has the largest sensor in any full-frame cinema camera in the market. It boasts subtle lighting techniques, 800 ASA sensitivity and reduced noise – perfect for all your modern projects. It has just been released earlier this year and since then, many photographies and videography enthusiasts want to take a hold of the Alexa LF.

Thankfully, at High-End Films, you can lease this powerful camera! We have added it to our never-ending list of high-quality equipment that all production professionals can utilize and enjoy.

At High-End Films, rest assured that all the latest equipment in the production scene will be at your fingertips. Just contact us anytime if you want to lease any of our equipment or if you want to avail any of our rental services.


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