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Shooting Corporate Videos? Here Are The Secrets That You Should Know!

Lately, videos about relevant content can be seen almost everywhere. Videos vary from educational, entertainment, or even made for corporate use. Video marketing has always been observed by different brands from all over the world. It actually is a creative way to market your own business – making corporate video production in Dubai a trend and ...

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Taking Photography in Bright Sunlight to the Next Level

Sure, there is art almost everywhere – and if you are a keen photographer, you would know how to make a simple scene a remarkable one. By now, you should have already known effective techniques that can help you create the perfect shots or even video production in Lebanon.

But there are just circumstances wherein the weather, the climate, the ...

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5 Simple Tips To Shoot Extraordinary Photos and Videos Like A Pro!

Professional video and photo shooting takes effort and time. Sometimes, we think we can never do it on our own, but really, if it’s just simple shooting, all you need is tips and ideas from professionals themselves, and slowly, you will be able to shoot like a pro! However, there are certain types of video production that might require you to have ...

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The Best Places to Post your Corporate Videos

Creating a corporate video production in Dubai for your company can be a big leap for you and your thriving business. It has to be planned well so that the output will perfectly depict your company’s mission and vision. Also, it should meet your goal to expand your reach, increase brand awareness, and escalate your lead generation.

However, ...

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The Top Lavish and Extravagant Places to Film in Dubai

Dubai is an Instagram-perfect paradise. There are a lot of places that you can take photos in, have shoots and films, or just roaming around. It’s so numerous that you don’t even know where to start. And if you are planning to shoot your films in these picturesque places and you need photography equipment rental in Dubai, there’s one place you can ...

Tips For Titling Your Film Production

When we first saw these tips about giving your Film Production a title, we as a professional film production rental house in Dubai had to unmistakably share them with you.

Is the title of your film killing its chances? Consider the title for your film or script is the VERY FIRST thing most people will experience it. The first question asked is ...

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The Top Tips For Achieving Better Lighting Using Your Photography Equipment

Are you an amateur photographer or a professional photographer who just want to improve his skills in photography? There are a lot of tips that you can follow on how you can achieve this and if you aren’t complete with the equipment needed, we got you covered!

We, High-End Films, are a reputable film rental house. We allow photography equipment ...

Here Are The Things That You Can Get From A Production House in Dubai

In this digital world that we live in, a generation wherein personal computers and mobile phones are always on our hands, businesses and organizations have taken their marketing strategies to higher levels as well – utilizing digital productions to expand their reach and engage with their faithful customers. This is the reason why you will need to ...

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Achieve Superior Image Quality With High-End Film’s Latest Equipment, the ALEXA LF

At the present, there are a lot of advancements in the multimedia and production industry. Several cameras, tripods, software, and other latest equipment can now be seen in the market – each representing a high-quality feature that is exceptional and unbeatable.

And it’s inevitable to purchase all these products at a high-cost because the ...

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Different Equipment That Photography Studios Must Have

If you are advancing your career in photography by having your own photography studios in Beirut, you should know that there is certain must-haves equipment that should be kept in it and be used to acquire good results in your photo shoots.

As one of the best production houses in Lebanon, we know how you can generate income from your photo ...