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What Are The Photography Equipment that Beginners Must Have?

Are you just starting your photography career? Well then, you will need to know what type of photography equipment in Dubai, you should have with you. You don’t necessarily need to have everything but this basic equipment is the ones that junior photographers learned how to excel in the art of photography.

High-End Films are a film rental house ...

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Why do you need corporate video production in your business?

If you are a businessman, have you ever considered conducting a corporate video production for your business? Others may not know it but it can help so much in many aspects of your organization.

Video production surpasses writing valuable content – it’s distributing the content in a different way; especially in this era of technology, video ...

5 Ways To Motivate Your Team in your Production House

Working in a production house or film rental house in Beirut entails a big responsibility – actually, every production houses know that. Each team member works efficiently, and not to mention, as fast as possible because they are working with not just one client.

Moreover, your team must feel motivated, encouraged, and comfortable working in ...

Things You Should Do When You’re Considering Film Equipment Rental

Nowadays, production is at its peak – even students choose to major in Film Productions in their University, but, entails this is a high-cost for film equipment. That is why, many still consider film camera rental in Beirut or film equipment rental in Beirut to save costs in some way, and get professional help and suggestions from a film rental ...

6 Traits of an Effective Film Production Company

Hunting for production houses who can execute the video content that you have planned? Or maybe you want to work in the world of film production, but you don’t know where to go?

If you’re looking for a production company in Lebanon or a film rental house in Dubai, you should look no farther because we are the right place for you – Highend ...

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Why Should You Consider Renting Photography Studios?

If you are want to have your pictures taken and edited in a professional way, the best place for you to go to is photography studios. It may seem to be frightening but it is indeed a good thing to do. We’ll tell you why as we go on.

There is no problem in shooting outside, however, but there are some people who like it better when they are ...

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Working at a Film Production: Pros and Cons

The world of film production always seems to be a lot of fun, having stature and allure. Creating masterpieces through the lens of your camera sounds so fulfilling – it’s like working in a dream factory. But really, not all the glitters is gold and if there are pros in working at a film production, of course, there are cons, too.

We are a film ...

Life In Motion

What if you had the chance to picture life differently?

What if you had the latest cameras like Phantom Flex 4K and Arri Alexa XT to film your scenes, through advanced lenses such as cooke anamorphic/1 or cooke 5/1 primes, in nothing but the perfect frame, from the perfect angle?!

Thanks to the convenience of technological advances, you can ...

Film Rental House In Dubai

With all the ever-growing technology in every field around us, as an independent and fresh filmmaker, you won’t be able to keep up with all the new shooting-equipment, the latest cameras, lenses, grip, and gear all at once, all by yourself.

Because let’s face it, your modest budget won’t allow you to do so; and this is where you go to a Film ...

Should You Use A Title Sequence For Your Film Production?

To all gifted Film Makers, we know how your creative minds function and we know how we love it. Our professional Film Production Rental House wishes to share with you this interesting set of tips about using title sequence for your Film Production.

After having seen and advised on literally hundreds of indie films, I can tell you, sexy title ...