Different Equipment That Photography Studios Must Have

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Different Equipment That Photography Studios Must Have

If you are advancing your career in photography by having your own photography studios in Beirut, you should know that there is certain must-haves equipment that should be kept in it and be used to acquire good results in your photo shoots.

As one of the best production houses in Lebanon, we know how you can generate income from your photo studios when you have the right like camera equipment in Beirut. We, aside from being a production house, are also a film rental house with all the highest qualities of photography equipment that you should need in your projects like video and photo shoots. We have been giving all the best kind of equipment to all our clients in Beirut and because of this; we have managed to gain the trust and loyalty of our faithful customers.

If you are indeed starting to build your own photography studio in Beirut, here is a list of what you should invest in and what you should put inside your soon-to-be-famous photo studio.

Studio Space

Before anything else, you need to know if the size of your studio can accommodate all the equipment that you will put inside. You should also give ample space for your customers so they can pose however they want without minding if space is too narrow or anything.


Getting a collection of varied backdrops will let your customers have different choices in their photo shoot. To get the right colors, you need to visualize first what kind of scenario you or your customers would want to have.

Lighting equipment

A lighting kit is important for your studio and it’s advisable for you to have at least some of these lighting essentials:

  • Lighting trusses
  • Continuous lights
  • Reflectors
  • Speed lights
  • Gels
  • Umbrellas or light boxes
  • Gels

Power Cords

Of course, it’s obvious that you will need to use a lot of equipment per day, and the supply power will be extended and emphasized. Hence, you will have to invest on power cords and power strips so you will limit having these cords on your walls.


Platforms or stages are used on your subject wherein they can stand, sit, lean on, or even placed on. It’s better if they are flat and sturdy, so it can carry the weight of your subject – may it be a person or a non-living thing.

Props and costumes

To make the shoot fun and relaxed, you can also put props and costumes that your customers can use whenever they want to. Often, you can use these on kids and in a childish theme.


  • Laptop
  • Printer
  • Remote triggers
  • White balance card
  • Tripods



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