Life In Motion

Life In Motion

What if you had the chance to picture life differently?

What if you had the latest cameras like Phantom Flex 4K and Arri Alexa XT to film your scenes, through advanced lenses such as cooke anamorphic/1 or cooke 5/1 primes, in nothing but the perfect frame, from the perfect angle?!

Thanks to the convenience of technological advances, you can enjoy turning your imagery ideas into life in motion with the assistance of a professional filming crew, in a well-equipped studio rental setting, including the needed lighting accessories like Butterfly Fabrics and Sun Swatter Start Kit.

Any possible or impossible idea coming to your mind is practically doable when you go for a professional filming company such as high-end films, where professional monitors and Mattebox & filters, secondo hydraulic and dolly quad dolly serve in implementing your shooting project.

Ensuring a high-end shooting product takes the use of:

1. Top filming equipment:

having the latest cameras, advanced lenses and lighting accessories and all the high-end shooting equipment are essential to the success of your filming project. Just like preparing a dish, if you don’t make use of good-quality ingredients the outcome wouldn’t be exactly what you hoped for.

2. creative shooting crew:

once you make up your mind upon creating filming content the professional shooting crew of, directors of photography, focus pullers, key grip assistant, sound engineer + equipment, best boy grips, camera operator, spark/lighting assistant and much more, so you make sure that your filming project would be a product of high quality.

3. Spacey space:

all the bits and pieces of your high-end filming are there, you just need to realize how important it is for your filming project to take place in a spacey space where nothing would be crowded, the professional crew can work comfortably and your shiny talents can breathe and move at ease without having to worry about stepping on a cable nor bumping into someone from the filming crew.

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