The Top Tips For Achieving Better Lighting Using Your Photography Equipment

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The Top Tips For Achieving Better Lighting Using Your Photography Equipment

Are you an amateur photographer or a professional photographer who just want to improve his skills in photography? There are a lot of tips that you can follow on how you can achieve this and if you aren’t complete with the equipment needed, we got you covered!

We, High-End Films, are a reputable film rental house. We allow photography equipment rental in Lebanon to those who need it and we guarantee that all the equipment we offer is made of high-quality along with our array of services that can make your photography or video shoot session complete. As a provider of camera equipment rental in Beirut, we make sure that your shoots will be exceptional with good results. We are a production house as well and with the years of our experience and service in the industry, we have already gained a position in the market that makes our clients see our differential value – high-quality equipment, one-of-a-kind service, and professional photographers, videographers, and editors.

If you want to achieve better lighting for your shoots, however, these tips below are perfect for you:

To start, there are 5 ways on how you can put the light around your subject:

  • Light to the Left
  • Light to the Right
  • 45 degrees to the left ( front )
  • 45 degrees to the right ( front )
  • Light from the back ( 45 degrees )
  • Light at the front

Tip 1

Use the natural light from the outside! You can conduct your photo shoots outside to get all the light that you need. You can also use the shade of trees to diffuse light whenever it’s too bright.

Tip 2

If you are not getting enough light, you can use flash as well but you need to be familiar with using the manual to have tips and tricks when you are using your flash. However, you should only use flash when there is not enough light because otherwise, the result will be too bright.

Tip 3

If you want, you can also create your own reflector like paper or tablecloth. Umbrellas are also often used by photographers. Of course, you can be creative when trying to think of what kind of diffuser you can use.

Tip 4

Or if you want, you can rent the right equipment from us and we can give them to you. At High-End films, your photography equipment rental needs will be solved immediately!



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