Working at a Film Production: Pros and Cons

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Working at a Film Production: Pros and Cons

The world of film production always seems to be a lot of fun, having stature and allure. Creating masterpieces through the lens of your camera sounds so fulfilling – it’s like working in a dream factory. But really, not all the glitters is gold and if there are pros in working at a film production, of course, there are cons, too.

We are a film production in Lebanon. We, at Highend Films, have the reputation for being one of the best production houses in Lebanon. We know everything that’s happening behind the camera – all that goes on in a film production. And we have listed down below all the good and not-so-good things about working in this field. If having this kind of career has always been your dream, then it’s fine – you’re on the right track. If you are in this field and still unsure if you like what you’re doing, this list can help you in pursuing or maybe deciding to try another path for yourself.

The Cons:

Thankless jobs.

Meaning, you may sometimes get the job that no one else wants to do, especially if you’re an intern or a production assistant. You may not be very well-paid and this can make you so frustrated. This kind of situation lakes you just want to give up. But on the other hand, these kind of experiences are where your knowledge will come from – you can learn a lot from this. Besides, if you’re a beginner, this is what’s best for you – gain so much experience that you will bring all throughout your production life.

Harsh start

There are a lot of passionate artists lurking everywhere and no one can really say that as an artist, you can make a name for yourself, on your own. It is true that the way up is harder than we think – it takes a lot of talent and a struck of luck to be there at the top. There must be a perfect time for everything and you should know the right people – unfortunately, these are things money can’t buy but rather just a result of courage and luck at the same time.

But never be discouraged – your dreams are what can make you go on and endure these struggles just to take a grip on that dream.

Facing criticisms

You will encounter a lot of this – relatives, acquaintances, and veterans in this field. This can also be discouraging but never mind, all starters go through this – even those who are already at the top.

Just try to appreciate constructive criticisms and stay confident. As an artist, you should be open-minded and enduring, never let anyone insult you.


In all sectors, it is normal to work from 9am to 5 or 6pm. But in this field, you might need to exert more time and effort just to get things done. You might see the BTS in some director’s cut and witness how much time and effort they have to give.

Artists can be perfectionists – they don’t stop until they meet that goal they have set inside their minds. And as an intern and as a staff, you don’t really get to have a say in situations like this – wherein you have to work more than 8hrs just to finish a project. You will need to learn how to balance everything in your life just not to get fired or not to unconsciously reject your loved ones maybe.

The Pros:

Freedom to create

Creative freedom is the best thing about being in this kind of field. You’ll have the freedom to express yourself and flaunt your talents and live those talents. Isn’t it good to make a living out of your dream?

Combination of diverse art

Another interesting about film production is a lot of different creative gather and get involved in a project. This can open your eyes to diverse forms of art and appreciate each one of them like directors, scriptwriters, designers, etc.

Parallel environment

Wouldn’t it be nice to work with people with the same vision, dreams, ambitions, and mindsets same as yours? It is truly interesting to meet creative and quirky people sometimes.


As a film artist ( or any kind of artist you are ) the best feeling that you can ever have is watching, reading or looking at your own masterpiece once it is done. You and the rest of the team worked hard for it, and it is just rewarding to see and heart-warming to reminisce all the fun, time, and effort you exerted in creating that masterpiece.

At Highend Films, we can be a stepping stone for you in reaching your goals. We have listed these down to make you think if this is what you really want. If it is, congratulations, you are now working on reaching your dreams. If not, don’t worry, we know you are meant to be somewhere nice, too.


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